Oscars 2019- 91st Academy Awards Watch Live {Complete Details}

Oscars 2019 is just a few days away and the lots of questions are on all of us mind like when is the Oscars, what will it start, how can I watch 2019 Oscars live, what are Oscars predictions, who is the host and many more.

We know sometimes it is very tough to gather all information about such a great event at one place but to reduce your pain and aware you about the whole 91st Academy Awards things here are the most common questions answers at single place.

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When is the Oscars 2019?

I think this question when is the Oscar Awards ceremony is the most asked question all the time. Every year with the end of one Academy Awards people start searching about next year award.

Here is the 2019 Oscars date: The 91st Academy Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019. Few days to go.

What Time are the Oscars 2019?

What time do the Oscars start or what is the premiere time. Here it is-
The ceremony will take place at the Dolby Theatre in the heart of Hollywood. The Oscars will air LIVE on ABC at 8 p.m. ET.

Oscars 2019 Predictions

Oscars 2019 Predictions

This is the most interesting question. What say? We all are very eager to know whether our favourite movie, actor, singer,etc win the awards or not. We wish them good luck.

Now let’s talk about predictions:

Best Picture- The Best Picture race is packed with stellar films (and, let’s be honest, some actual clunkers). But is there even a true frontrunner this year? One could make a case for each film’s relevance and chances. Black Panther was a cinematic moment. BlacKkKlansman is a return to form for the legendary Spike Lee. A Star Is Born revived an oft-told story with a first-time director and leading actress. The Favourite is a screwball historical tale with three leading female characters. Even the worst of the bunch have something going for them: the feel-good charm of Green Book, the caustic political comedy of Vice, the box-office-smashing Bohemian Rhapsody.

But I’m placing my bets on Roma, Alfonso Cuarón’s touching and heartfelt drama that, at its core, is Best Picture material. It takes a literary approach to its subject—following the downtrodden maid Cleo who has an emotion-packed year of love and loss, ecstacy and grief—and tells its story through Cuarón’s deeply personal lens. And the campaign narrative beyond the film’s actual plot is a compelling out: It is Netflix’s first shot at a Best Picture win, and the company has put all of its muscle behind it to grab it and establish itself as more than a streaming TV service. The cynical side of me is excited to see how this whole thing plays out.

Best Actor- Rami Said Malek (born May 12, 1981) is an American actor best known for his lead role as Elliot Alderson in the USA Network television series Mr. Robot. His performance in the program has earned him a Critics’ Choice Award and Emmy, as well as Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild, and TCA award nominations, among others. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Malek graduated from college with a degree in Theater. He found work in a series of supporting roles in film and television, including the Night at the Museum trilogy, The Pacific (2010), The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 (2012), and the dramatic film Short Term 12 (2013). In 2018.

Best Actress- While a win at BAFTA would have given Close all four precursors (she has three, including the most important one – SAG), Colman’s win there makes sense. Not simply because she’s British and playing royalty (although it didn’t hurt) but The Favourite was the nomination leader there and is at the Academy Awards (with Roma). But timing is often everything with the Oscars and rarely, for an actress, has the overdue narrative been as strong as it is for Close. Julianne Moore rode the wave in 2014/2015 with Still Alice, very similarly as Close has (both from Sony Classics), but in a much weaker year. That Close has triumphed at Critics’ Choice (in a tie), the Golden Globes (that speech!) and the Screen Actors Guild against such formidable competition speaks to the strength of her performance, to Sony Classics doing exactly right by her and that voters want her to win. That last part is key. People want to see this happen and the overdue narrative plays much better for American actors than it does non-US ones. Paul Newman, Al Pacino, Geraldine Page, Jeff Bridges, Julianne Moore – all found Oscars after multiple nominations on extremely overdue narratives, even if they’re not all regarded as their best performances (or even the best that year, in some cases).

Best Supporting Actor- Green Book is steeped in controversy, from director Peter Farrelly’s history of flashing his penis around to screenwriter Nick Vallelonga’s unearthed racist tweets to the film’s white savior narrative that reduces the character of the real-life piano virtuoso Don Shirley in favor of a white protagonist. But there’s one objectively good thing about it: Mahershala Ali, who has had the unfortunate task of being in the spotlight while his white colleagues make a mess of their Oscar campaigns. A second Oscar in this category might feel like a weird consolation prize for getting embroiled in Hollywood drama, but this much is true: Ali elevates everything he touches, because he’s that good of an actor. He brings a dignity to his performance of Don Shirley that’s gravely missing from the rest of the film, and if history remembers Green Book as a Mahershala Ali movie, I’m all for it.

Best Supporting Actress- While it earned three Oscar nominations (along with King’s, it earned Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Original Score), If Beale Street Could Talk seems like the most-snubbed movie of the year. (Everybody seems so pressed that Bradley Cooper didn’t get a Best Director nomination to go along with his other three nods. Bradley Cooper and Beale Street got the same number of nominations! Isn’t that wild?) But I won’t use any more space to focus on this injustice, and instead will say how rapturous and commanding Regina King’s performance actually is—one that feels like we’re watching a seasoned artist finally get the meaty film role she’s long deserved. To see King get this award, particularly in a category stacked with incredible performances, would be a blessing that parallels those that King has gifted her fans for decades.

Are these predictions for 91st Academy Awards is enough?

Wait for February 24, if it’s not enough.

Who is Hosting the Oscars 2019?

Who is Oscars 2019 Host

Who will host the Oscars 2019 Awards ceremony? Your all doubts will be clear in the below lines.

Well, 2019 Oscars will go without host.

The Academy is doing something that hasn’t been done in 30 years.

According to Variety, the 91st Annual Academy Awards will have no host, since the organization appears to have given up on finding a star to take on the role. The entertainment news site reports that the Oscars will instead recruit stars for various stars in place of “one marquee name to kick things off in a monologue filled with Trump zingers.”

However, there are only six weeks until the show takes place live from the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Calif. This looming deadline apparently has producers “scrambling” to find A-listers willing to take part in the star-studded show.

Their struggle to pull off the task come weeks after Kevin Hart was announced as the 2019 host, only to subsequently pull out of the show.

Gala organisers who have been struggling to overcome a steady decline in viewership scrambled to find a replacement but finally settled for a ceremony with no emcee.

Industry insiders said the producers of the 91st Academy Awards on February 24 plan to try out a new format with a selection of Hollywood A-listers introducing various segments.

The last time the Oscars went without a host was in 1989, when actor Rob Lowe was raked over the coals for his musical duet with Snow White.

In recent years, several other hosts have also come under criticism.

Actor Neil Patrick Harris got rumbled over his 2015 effort and said he would never do it again. James Franco and Anne Hathaway were a dud in 2011.

The previous two Oscars have been hosted by late night funnyman Jimmy Kimmel. Comedian Chris Rock emceed in 2005 and 2016, and TV talk show host Ellen DeGeneres hosted in 2007 and 2014.

Oscars 2019 Red Carpet

The 2018 Oscars red carpet pre-show on ABC begins at 6:30 p.m. EST/3:30 p.m.PST. If you prefer to watch E!’s comprehensive coverage of the clothes, you can tune into the network at 5 p.m. EST/2 p.m. PST.

What Channel are the Oscars on?

The event is available on the ABC channel. It is expected that 91st event will be ahead of the previous events in terms of television coverage.

The streaming service may not be available for everybody as it is restricted to fans within a market area. Even if you do not Watch Oscars 2019 live through ABC, a lot of television providers have subscribed for the program. If you subscribe to any of the providers, you can watch that event live. Major players in the industry such as Charter Spectrum, Comcast, AT&T U-Verse, as well as DirectTV will be part of the program. It will be streamed live on YouTube Television. All these providers have subscribed for the program. This means that ABC will not be the sole channel that streams that event live.

ABC is providing interesting and affordable channels for fans all over the country to watch the event holding Los Angeles live. Some of the channels are geo restricted. If one channel is not available in your area, another channel will be available. They have agreements with multiple partners within the country and out of the country.

How to Watch The Oscars Live Stream?

Now the main question, how can I watch Oscars 2019 live stream online free. We are here with the answer.

There are a large number of people who won’t make it to the venue. They can use ABC Go app, the official live streaming app for Oscars 2019. But the app requires an ABC subscription, and it is only available in certain areas of the US, due to geographical restrictions.

Watching Oscars live streaming will be a great experience, as Ivacy gives you the unrestricted access to the Oscars 2019 live streaming app, (9Now). The cord cutters can now stream Oscars without cable connection for free.

Ivacy is the best VPN available to you. It not only gives you unrestricted access to websites but also helps you livestream Oscars online with utmost convenience, thus giving you the ultimate luxury to unblock any website and helping you watch Oscars online with complete ease and comfort.

Below are some ways to watch Oscars Awards 2019 live streaming. Read on to know.

How to Watch the Oscars without Cable?

If you have put an end to the cable or satellite subscription, the best alternative to watch Oscars live stream 2019 is by subscribing to the premium media streaming services. The ABC offers it as the PPV event. So, whether you are the subscriber of the TV or satellite, or the media streaming services, you will need to purchase the PPV to be able to watch the Oscars live stream 2019 online from your place. But rest assured that the PPV price is very affordable.

Many regular media streaming services offer adequate live streaming services for you and fellow viewers. You could pick one of them that matches your requirements and preferences. These services have the geo-restriction policy. That means these are only available in certain areas. You can either make sure that your area is within the area of service or you could bypass the restriction by using the VPN service.

If you do not have access to a cable network, then you have to opt for cable alternatives. There are several of such alternatives on the market today.

Watch Oscars 2019 live stream through Sling TV

Sling television is perhaps the most favorite cable alternative for Watching Oscars 2019 live. Many cord cutters will always consider this as the first option. Sling television streaming depends on the internet, and this means that before you can enjoy that service you must have access to the internet. Secondly, you must use it with a compatible device, as it does not work well in all devices. Fast internet connection is a necessity. You can use it in your most mobile devices like your smartphone, laptop, computer your note, as well as a streaming set box prepared for it. You can watch other important television programs through this network. Sling television streaming is not free. You must have a subscription plan before you can benefit from the setup. 

Watch Oscars 2019 live streaming through Fubo TV

Fubo is almost the same thing with Sling television. This is because the work on the same principle, and they stream their programs through the internet. It is not free, but you can try it before committing your money. This means that it is another cable alternative. Apart from streaming Oscar events live, you can watch favorite teams play, as well as some interesting network shows, and movies. The channel will provide access to more than eighty television channels. You can have on demand access to almost all the programs that are showed in this country. If you do not have access to cable, you can use Fubo TV.

Watch Oscars 2019 live show full through Now TV

NOW TV also streams online. This network is good for those that want to Watch Oscars 2019 live outside the US. Even if you want to use NOW TV inside the US, you can subscribe to it. For those overseas such as Ireland, UK, Italy and so on, can depend on this internet channel for an event like Oscar red night events. It would be streamed live in foreign countries. Even if you are in the US and you do not want to get tied to any contract, you can always opt for this channel.

Watch Oscars 2019 live through PlayStation Vue

Another cable alternative is the PlayStation Vue. This device does not need any console before you can use it. Apart from fast internet connection, it can only work with a compatible device. Vue is compatible with PS4 and PS3 and as the name suggests, the system works with Vue app. It can work well in your computer, phone, and other similar devices like notes. It does not require a cable subscription before you can use it. You have to subscribe to the system before you can use it. It is not free. The device works well with fast internet connection. You can try it free before spending your money.

Watch Oscars 2019 Full Show Live through Hulu with Live TV

Hulu is a great none cable alternative. This is a video website, and it is dedicated to viewing professional contents through the internet. Using your Hulu, you can link with Live television program. Many fans will depend on that arrangement for the forthcoming Oscar award night. Many people in America and outside America always depend on this channel to watch important programs. Watching Oscar 2019 live will not be an exception. Apart from the video option, it streams live television. Hulu offers everything you want. You must subscribe to it. It is not free. Choose an affordable package and subscribe for it.

Watch Oscars 2019 live through YouTube TV

This is another channel you can Watch Oscars 2019 live. You can watch it without cables and it is available for Americans and none Americans. It also depends on the internet and it is the best for cord cutters. You can watch your favorite programs on your computer, laptop, as well as your mobile devices. Before you can enjoy it, you require a fast and reliable internet connection.

The subscription plan is different from what you get in the cable and satellite subscription. It is meant for you to watch it on the go. Moreover, it is possible to watch many channels and during subscription, you can decide the type of channels you want to watch. This determines the payment package. You can enjoy similar services you usually enjoy the cable network. The difference is that this works on the internet. Some of the cable alternatives make it possible to try their system free before they can commit their money.

How to Watch the Oscars in the UK 2019?

If you’re in the UK, you can catch all of the Oscars action on February 24 on NOW TV thanks to its Sky Cinema Pass.

The Sky Cinema Pass is priced at £9.99 per month, and the service boasts a library of thousands of movies for you to enjoy at home.

But as Sky’s also carrying coverage of the big awards show, you can celebrate the very best movies from the last year and watch the entire Academy Awards ceremony live from LA.

How to Watch the Oscars in Australia 2019?

The Oscars typically air on free-to-air network Channel Nine in Australia. Foxtel channel E! Australia usually screens the red carpet segment of the day from roughly 9am (AEST).
In 2018, Nine’s streaming service 9Now also broadcasted the red carpet from 9am online.

How to Watch Oscars in Canada 2019?

Canadian viewers can watch Oscars online on CTV Network. They will broadcast the event live and you can watch it for free.

How to Watch Oscars on Apple TV

If you own an Apple TV, then this is the medium through with you can have the luxury of watching Oscars live stream on.

The 9Now app works perfectly well when paired with Apple TV. So, to enjoy live streaming of Oscars 2019, search for the 9Now app on App Store and download it. After that, you need to activate it by visiting the 9Now website and punching in the four-digit postal code.

FastestVPN has your back. Enjoy smooth, buffer-free streaming within the convenience of your home. A note to remember is that before configuring FastestVPN on Apple TV, you should establish a router connection. Once that is done, you are free to enjoy uninterrupted access to Oscars live Online, right from the comfort of your home!

Watch Oscars on Apple TV with 9Now app. FastestVPN has got you covered!

How to Stream Oscars on PS4

Your PS4 console is more than just a gaming platform. Watch Oscars Live on PS4 without a single hiccup via FastestVPN. You can achieve this in a few simple steps:

  1. Establish a router connection with an Australian IP
  2. Open browser and go to Nine Network Website
  3. Search for the 9Now app
  4. Stream Oscars on PS4 for free!

Get the best Oscars 2019 live streaming on PS4 with FastestVPN. FastestVPN unblocks geo-blocked websites and content. So you are a free bird to entertain yourself with Oscars 2019 on PS4. Stream Oscars instantly on PS4 from anywhere globally.

How to Stream Oscars on XBOX

Xbox is one of the most popularly used gaming consoles worldwide. Not only that, it is a platform to watch on-demand videos and TV shows that you are interested in. And with Oscars being the topic of discussion at hand, you can definitely watch that too. You can watch them on Xbox with ease with FastestVPN connection. Again, the steps to be followed are simple:

  1. Establish a router connection on your Xbox with an Australian IP
  2. Open Xbox browser and go to Nine Network Website
  3. Search for the 9Now app
  4. Stream Oscars on Xbox for free and get an experience of a lifetime!

FastestVPN gets you unrestricted access to Oscar Awards 2019 live stream. Enjoy Oscars with utmost convenience and complete peace on Xbox paired with FastestVPN.

How to Watch Oscars on iOS

Loud shout out to iOS lovers to get ready to enjoy Oscars live stream on their iOS device. All you need to do is open App Store and search for the 9NOW app on your iOS device. Once that is installed, you can have the fascinating experience of watching Oscars 2019 on your iPad or iPhone without any glitches.

Smoothly stream the Oscars Awards 2019 with FastestVPN. FastestVPN is reliable and just the one you want to opt for to get an amazing buffer-free streaming.

How to Watch Oscars on Android

Watch Oscars live stream and enjoy the experience on Android device. Just download the 9Now app for the Android device from Google Play Store. Once that is downloaded and installed, you can watch Oscars live stream with ease.

For that though, you need to be present in Australia and 9Now restricts its streaming. Fortunately, there is a workaround to overcome the restriction. Download FastestVPN app and connect an Australian IP before using the 9Now app and you are set! Enjoy Oscars on Android like never before.

Is there anything left? You can now Watch Oscars 2019 Live Streaming Full Show Online through an App, Cable, without cable, TV, YouTube and many more options are available. You can even download the full Oscars show.

Wait and enjoy!

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