How to Watch The Oscars 2019 Live?

No one wants to miss the Oscars 2019 live stream and for that reason I have come up with some wow ways to watch the Oscars ceremony live.

As stated on the official website of ABC Network, “ and the ABC app content is only available if you’re physically located within the U.S. or its territories.”

With Oscars fans spread across the globe, we can’t be unfair to the fans who live outside the US and want to stream 2019 Oscars.

To those who are looking how to watch the Oscars 2019 live, here is your solution! Just follow the steps below to watch Oscars Live Streaming outside US:

Get PureVPN.
Download PureVPN and Install.
Connect PureVPN to US Server.
Use your existing subscription to watch Oscars Live Stream on ABC.

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Watch Oscars 2019 Online Live Free

In addition to that, you can watch the Academy Awards live online free in any part of the world. These participating providers will stream the event online for various fans all over the world. Depending on the part of the country you reside, you will have providers available to stream Oscar 2019 events to you.

As you are already aware, the official broadcast station of Oscars 2019 is the ABC channel. Users of ABC app can use to Watch 2019 Oscars live streaming through the app. It is easy to Watch Oscars live through satellite and cable subscription. With your computer, you can watch it through Cord cutters may not be able to watch the event on ABC. You have to look for different online streaming services to watch the program. Some of the online services you can watch the program include Sling Television, Playstation Vue, YouTube TV, DirectTV, Now TV, as well as Hulu and several other online channels. These channels can stream ABC programs. You can enjoy it just the same way you will enjoy normal cable and satellite streaming. The only difference is that these channels air the program online.

How to Watch The Oscars Without Cable 2019?

How to Watch Oscars 2019

You can stream the The 2019 Oscars with a live TV streaming service. No cable or satellite TV subscription needed.

ABC GO is the right choice for many people who preferred internet streaming. If you want to get the best of internet streaming, you require three important items and they include fast internet connection, a computer or a laptop, as well as a subscription plan. The event will still be very clear, bright, and colorful. There is no difference from those streamed on television. You can also watch it live on your phone and other mobile devices. If you were in the US, You will know how to watch the Oscars 2019 live through the ABC channels.

How Can I Watch Oscars 2019 using YouTube TV?

This is another channel you can Watch Oscars 2019 live streaming. You can watch it without cables and it is available for Americans and none Americans. It also depends on the internet and it is the best for cord cutters. You can watch your favorite programs on your computer, laptop, as well as your mobile devices. Before you can enjoy it, you require a fast and reliable internet connection.

You can watch the Oscars through YouTube TV, It is a subscription-based service that includes ABC as part of its package.

Watch Oscars 2019 Outside USA Online Live

How to Watch The 2019 Oscars in the UK?

The stars start arriving on the red carpet from around 7pm, which is 3am in the UK.

And the awards don’t actually get going until 8.30pm. So that’s 4.30am over here. So you can either stay up for it, or get some shut eye then set your alarm for then.

You can watch The Oscars streaming on the dedicated Sky Cinema Oscars channel. And you don’t even need to be a Sky subscriber to get stuck into this channel. All you’ll need is a Sky Cinema Pass on NOW TV.

Hopefully, Alex Zane will be presenting all the UK coverage like he did last year, so you can watch him and a number of guests discussing the awards as they happen.

Now you just have to decide whether you’re going to stay up late or get up early…

How to Watch Oscars in Australia Online?

The Oscars typically air on free-to-air network Channel Nine in Australia. Foxtel channel E! Australia usually screens the red carpet segment of the day from roughly 9am (AEST).
In 2018, Nine’s streaming service 9Now also broadcasted the red carpet from 9am online.

How to Watch Oscars in Canada?

For those in Canada, they can watch  Oscars 2019 live through CTV network. This system offers wall-to-wall coverage of the program. Apart from that, many Canadians can watch it through the e-talk.

How to Watch Oscars 2019 in Germany?

Even fans in Germany will Watch Oscars 2019 live through Pro7. This is a commercial channel. All these channels will bring the live program to all their customers.

How to Watch the Oscars 2019 on Apple Tv?

  • Set up PureVPN on Apple TV
  • Go to Smart Purpose Selection and choose Encryption Protocol
  • Choose the server location as US
  • Download and install ABC app from the App Store
  • Use your existing subscription to watch Oscars 2019 online on your Apple TV

Oscars 2019 live ceremony show will take place in February. It is a great night from the Hollywood family and fans across the world.

Stay tuned for more updated news!

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